What you should expect from an STD testing

According to the latest poll conducted by centers for disease control and prevention, it has been revealed that approximately 20 million new sexually transmitted infections occur every year in the United States. The diseases are always termed as dangerous as when left untreated they can cause severe health problems including infertility, cancer, blindness and organ damage. This article has therefore been written to create and awareness of the STD's and STD testing. The best advice is to get tested now by finding an STD testing center in your area: https://sites.google.com/site/bestathomestdtest/home/anonymous-std-testing

Who should get tested for STDs?

The explanation to this question may at times be too conspicuous. Many people may be waiting for signs so that they can visit a testing center, but to the Contrarily, most of these diseases rarely show symptoms. With this case, if you have been sexually active, then getting tested is one of the best ideas. More to this, if you are just about to begin a new relationship if your partner is thinking of abandoning to use condoms, if you think your partner has been cheating on you, if you have multiple partners as well as if you have some symptoms that may suggest you might have contracted the disease.


Ask your doctor

Many people fear to talk about their sex life even when discussing it with their doctors. Remember it is all about your health and therefore the only way to be safe is speaking out and letting your doctor know about anything. Never assume you doctor can automatically complete the tests at your annual physical or sexual health check-ups. With this case, always approach your doctor and request for the tests. Discuss with him the test and plan that they have. The physicians are always highly trained, and they, therefore, have the knowledge on how they should guide you through the process as well as prepare you psychologically for the results.

Discuss your risk factors

Not all STDs are tested in the same way. For instance, some of these that are contracted through anal sex may fail to be detected with a standard STD test. With this case, speak out and discuss with the doctor about your sexual risk factors. More to this, it would be important to inform him of the protection methods that you have been using during any of your sexual practice. More to this, if you have been taking any medication, it would be safe to let your doctor know. Let them also know of the suspected exposures you have ever had to STIs.

Where can you be tested for STIs?

This has been a common question among many people. Most of these doctors including your regular doctor at your clinic have the knowledge about these test, and if they don’t, they can always give you some referrals. The test is always an individual’s decision, and therefore it is your decision to make up on where you should get tested from. One common thing to these diseases is that they are notifiable diseases. With this, it means that doctors must always report positive results to the government after which it is their initiative to track the information and inform the public health initiatives.

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